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What we do

Since SUCCESS was founded in 1993, my team and I have specialized in the most critical and sensitive areas in economics: analyzing and understanding people, based on reliable business psychological profiling.

In the English-speaking world, it has become a matter of course to protect oneself in important negotiations and conversations by means of a preliminary assessment of one's negotiation partners. Following suit, decision-makers in German-speaking countries are increasingly attaching importance to understanding the mindset and motives of their counterparts in advance.

It is therefore likely that your negotiation partner is already very well informed about you when you go into your next meeting.

Profiling increases your chances of success – and minimizes your risks. With us as your silent advisors. Some clients call us ghost negotiators or their “secret weapon” you can stay one step ahead in important situations. Due to their knowledge about people and backgrounds our clients have the competitive advantage to achieve their career goals, be highly influential and successful even in the most difficult situation and economies. Experience has shown that men and women on their path to success have unique challenges in business, and thus, benefit from our different tools and techniques.

Keeping you one step ahead.