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Who I am

As a qualified psychologist, I have many years of experience in business and communication with a focus on business psychology profiling. My doctoral research was focused on economic psychology. I have honed my skills with numerous subject-related training courses (USA, D, and A). I work with a team of experienced specialists from different fields and cultures (D, A, F, USA, and CH).

While working in the communications industry, I studied American, English and Political Science at the Johann-Wolfgang-v.-Goethe-University, Frankfurt. I continued my studies with a master’s degree in Psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich, and then, a doctorate at the Sigmund-Freud-University, Vienna.

In 1993 SUCCESS was founded using an interdisciplinary business psychological approach in the areas of profiling, crisis, strategy, coaching, and communication. Over the years, I have developed a comprehensive team of experts for consulting top tier executives and politicians, consultants, entrepreneurs, law firms, and banks.

For seven years, I was the expert of my own live Psychological Consulting radio broadcast with 100.000 listeners per show for Antenne Bayern (the largest German private radio station). Author. Leading participation in the 30th and 31st German Protestant Church Congress. Diverse social activities.

Languages: English, French, and Italian

Memberships: American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), Friends of The Earth Germany (BUND e.V.), ARCHE NOAH, and others

Hobbies: Agriculture, forestry, and hunter in training

Place of birth: Hamburg

A mother of three daughters, I live and work in Munich-Solln und Italy.

Keeping you one step ahead.